Voices of Aeternum: Summer Medleyfaire

01 September 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Welcome to Voices of Aeternum, the series where we ask the community to share their New World experiences. Share your voice to learn more about your fellow Adventurers and maybe even get featured. This edition of Voices of Aeternum focuses on the Summer Medleyfaire. We asked you for your favorite instrument, fish, and event activity. Check out the results, followed by this month’s forum spotlight.

Summer Medleyfaire Poll Results

Guitar, Boot, and Musical Instruments were this installment’s big winners. Look forward to another round of questions for our next major release.

Monthly Forum Spotlight

Players showcased their dance moves, musical performances, fishing spots, and catches to celebrate the final weeks of the Summer Medleyfaire.


“So this is actually a full choreographed video. We were playing music as a troop, and everyone was dancing. The dancing witches were my favorite.”


“I love to see this first thing in the morning!”


“Got everything from the Medleyfaire. What’s next!


“The ultimate RP’ing stage.”

We appreciate your support and feedback! See you in Aeternum or on the forums!