Forged in Aeternum - Languages of Aeternum

April 17, 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

Whether you’re slashing through roaring enemies to quickly reach the next territory or detouring across a distant bridge to encounter a mysterious NPC, the languages of Aeternum make New World a more immersive experience. Join the Development Team for a look at the creation and execution of the game’s many languages. You might even come away with a few new phrases.

Learn more about the languages of Aeternum and how characters like the Siren Queen came to life in the video below.

Speaking Conlang in New World

“One of the things we talked about when looking at the various languages of New World was how these languages were supposed to sound,” said Narrative Designer Aaron de Orive. “If they are read with no emphasis or intonations in mind, they did not sound as impressive as we wanted. But with the proper emphasis, intonations, and even with various unique vocalizations they could sound quite alien and arresting.”

“The goal was to make the Corrupted conlang sound more deep and guttural, with a staccato quality, which was far more fitting for hosts of an other-dimensional, demonic entity. When we were recording temp Voice over for the actors to give them a pronunciation guide, we played around with these vocalizations and intonations, finally settling on a pattern that we thought did the conlang justice. In other words, hearing the Corrupted conlang is much more disturbing than reading it.”

Siren Queen Dialogue Examples

“I have no time for games.”
  • Gotloian: ta su washaw goll wogng mag

  • Phonetics: /ta sɯ waˈʃaw gɔll wɔgŋ mag/

  • Talent Notes: T' su washa gow wag mag

“I will take everything from you.”
  • Gotloian: ta ipop yaws po a

  • Phonetics: /ta ipɔp jaws pɔ a/

  • Talent Notes: Te ipap yass paw

“Echoes swallow you!”
  • Gotloian: pewobn a ludshe

  • Phonetics: /pɛˈwɔbn a ˈlɯdʃɛ/

  • Talent Notes: Pe wag naluche

“I can’t hear…anything…”
  • Gotloian: ta a ilp gomki...yosp…

  • Phonetics: /ta a ilp ˈgɔmki jɔsp/

  • Talent Notes: T' yuk gonki yost

“Turn to ash!”
  • Gotloian: sho gi ing

  • Phonetics: /ʃɔ gi iŋ/

  • Talent Notes: Sha gui-ing

“Lightning strike!”
  • Gotloian: gogkest shuyk

  • Phonetics: /gɔgˈkɛst ˈʃɯjk/

  • Talent Notes: Gog kest chuik

  • Gotloian: ilp shest

  • Phonetics: /ilp ʃɛst/

  • Talent Notes: ilp chest

  • Gotloian: iglo

  • Phonetics: /ˈiglɔ/

  • Talent Notes: eeg-la

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