March to Battle: Corrupted Breaches

March 19, 2020
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Aeternum is a land of immense beauty and endless wonder that The Corrupted seek to stain and dominate with their vile presence. Taking what was once serene and peaceful and twisting it to their will. They do this by ripping open the ground and flooding the area with corrupted creatures and structures. The very air turns to a thick black smoke and all is illuminated by an evil red glow, pulsating with an unearthly light. These are known as Corrupted Breaches.

As you establish a safe haven in a Settlement or Fort, the Corrupted take notice. Corrupted Breaches will begin to emerge in your territory, making travel and resource gathering more difficult the longer these Breaches go unaddressed. Guarding these Breaches are the The Acolytes of Corruption. Like their lesser brethren the Cultists, they channel the dark, forbidden forces of Corruption to summon forth and sustain the dread portals and monoliths that form the heart of Corrupted Breaches. They are formidable adversaries capable of quickly changing the tide of battle, levitating effortlessly across great distances, flinging deadly bolts of eldritch energy, and conjuring explosive orbs of pure Corruption.

Luckily there is a way to destroy these abominations. You must band together and clear out the enemies protecting the beating heart of the Breach. Once the Corrupted creatures have been destroyed, an Azoth infused staff is required to seal the Breach. Conquering a Corrupted Breach not only cleanses your land of a dangerous threat, it also rewards you with unique resources found nowhere else. But you must remain vigilant, Corrupted Breaches won’t remain closed forever. The stronger you become the more the Corrupted will seek to destroy you. They will open new and more powerful Breaches, spewing forth creatures of impossible size and strength. The Corrupted are a relentless enemy and won’t stop until you’re wiped from the face of Aeternum.

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Adventuring in New World can be perilous, even on a good day, but opening your map will allow you to see Territories affected by Corruption. Zooming in, you will be able to clearly see indicators showcasing the different Corrupted Breaches spread throughout the Territory. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to plan out your path if you’d like to avoid these dangers or specifically go after them.

Not all Corrupted Breaches are created equal, they come in varying degrees of difficulty, size, and enemy defenders. Some Corrupted Breaches can be managed by a single player while others will require groups of skilled combatants to complete. Make sure you prepare for the upcoming battle by crafting the required Azoth staff and potions to protect from the Corruption. Below are a few examples of Corrupted Breaches you’ll encounter during your time in Aeternum.

Corrupted Monolith - A group of Corrupted Zealots have unearthed a towering, ancient monolith, empowering it to spread Corruption throughout the land

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Corrupted Portal - Corrupted Acolytes are opening a portal to bring forces of their army into the territory.

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Infested Grove - Corrupted Azoth has pooled under the earth, splitting the ground and giving rise to a twisted corrupted monstrosity. Escaping it’s tendrils will be a perilous endeavor.

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Festering Hive - A towering hive, formed from Corruption, has sprouted; birthing and empowering the corrupted beings that reside within it’s walls.

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The Corrupted are at your doorstep. Breaches opening up, enemies crawling forth. How will you choose to engage? Sit behind your high walls until the Corrupted eventually invade? Or take the fight to them, sealing them back to the depths from whence they came.