November Store Update

November 18, 2021

Greetings, Adventurers!

On November 18 the seasonal and sinister October content will rotate out of the store, replaced with the fresh lineup of cosmetic items detailed below. A week later, on November 23, some additional items will be added to the store. The items added this month introduces two new types of content; house pets and tool skins. All items found below will be available in exchange for Marks of Fortune, New World's premium in-game currency.

Some items in the store are there short-term and others are available long-term. If an item is available only for a limited amount of time we'll always display how much longer it will be available. Unlike the October store content, the pieces introduced in November are here to stay for the foreseeable future. There’s no planned date for these items to rotate out of the store. When that day comes, a countdown will be displayed next to the item in the in-game store to ensure interested players don’t miss out. This applies to all the content showcased below except the promotion running from Black Friday to Cyber Monday - the deals/limited time items found below will be available from November 26 - 29.

As more content is added in-game and store selections rotate out, content that’s removed will always have the chance to return.

Before we dive into all the November in-game store content, check out the Twitch Drop that’s live from November 18 - 30. All you need to do is watch one hour of New World on Twitch from any streamer with drops enabled in order to claim it. Learn more and find instructions on our Twitch Drops page.

November Twitch Drop:

The Royal Fisher

“A practical set of fishing attire bearing a royal violet accent.”

November 18 Content

On November 18, the following items will become available via the in-game store.

Armor Skins

Display your role in the Royal Court with these armor skins. Each outfit found below is a complete set, with skins that can be applied to headwear, chestwear, gloves, legwear, and footwear.

Suncourt Regalia

"It is wise to shield one's eyes when gazing upon such resplendent glory."

Cost: 14,000 Marks of Fortune

Jester's Delight

"If the fool can fooleth the fooled, who is then the fool?"

Cost: 14,000 Marks of Fortune

Death's Coronation

"The king of the dead is still in every way a king."

Cost: 16,000 Marks of Fortune

Weapon Skins

Crest of the Allsight - Shield Weapon Skin

"Show them your allegiance, brandish it as you fight, smack them in the face with it once in a while if need be. Make it known you are a foe to be feared."

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Gallantry - Sword Weapon Skin

"A sword for the brave, the refined, the most gallant of our knights."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Wicked Tyrant - Great Axe Weapon Skin

"Power corrupts. The Wicked Tyrant gets you that kind of power."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

The Golden Colt - Fire Staff Weapon Skin

"Strikes with the force of a war horse at full gallop... and also on fire."

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Monarch's Might - War Hammer Weapon Skin

"What is true strength? The power to make decisions that govern others? Or simply the force required to kill?"

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Archer's Filigree - Bow Weapon Skin

"An arrow notched and released from a bow of superior gold and emeralds wounds egos as well as bodies."

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Royalty's Grasp - Ice Gauntlet Weapon Skin

"None need doubt who their ruler is, lest they feel an icy hand close around their treasonous throat."

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Tool Skin Bundles

Looking to harvest, gather, and clear Corrupted breaches in style? The November store update includes a new type of cosmetic item; tool skins. Each bundle includes a skin that can be applied to change the appearance of the Azoth Staff, Fishing Rod, Logging Axe, Pickaxe, Sickle, and Skinning Knife.

Legendary Azoth Tools

"A touch of magic pairs well with any task, including gathering what is needed to survive."


  • Azoth Alloy Azoth Staff "It's been strengthened from the many breaches it has closed."

  • Azoth Alloy Fishing Rod "It uses magic to bob the hook just a little bit. Fish seem to love it."

  • Azoth Alloy Logging Axe "Never made an alloy out of azoth, but sure, I'll give it a try."

  • Azoth Alloy Pick "It may not look like it, but magic courses through this tool."

  • Azoth Alloy Sickle "The soft blue glow makes you feel like you really fit in at a magical forest."

  • Azoth Alloy Skinning Knife "I ordered a skinning knife from you, not an assassin's knife."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Legendary Strength Tools

"Strength of arm can be the best way to render the resources of Aeternum into their constituent natures."


  • Carbon Steel Azoth Staff "Tough enough to handle even the most dangerous breaches."

  • Carbon Steel Fishing Rod "The extra reinforcements mean you'll never need to worry about your rod snapping."

  • Carbon Steel Logging Axe "A tool ought to be cared for, but make it out of the right stuff and you won't have to for a long time."

  • Carbon Steel Pick "Tough enough to mine anything you need in Aeternum."

  • Carbon Steel Sickle "Keeping a sharp edge for a long time makes this sickle extremely practical."

  • Carbon Steel Skinning Knife "Tough enough to tear through even Yeti hide."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Housing Items

Royal Court Decor Bundle

"Royal resplendence fit for the noble-born, either living or Corrupted."

This bundle includes the following housing items (pictured above):

  • Sungleam Throne

  • Goldenlight Pedestal

  • The Baron’s Chandelier

  • The Baroness’ Light

  • Sunset Baldachin

  • Sunrise Curtains

  • Aureate Plinth

Bundle Cost: 23,000 Marks of Fortune

Celestial Hare - House Pet

"Brimming with awe, the vast expanse of the universe resides within the fur of this rabbit. And if you pet them, you might just feel it too."

Cost: 12,000 Marks of Fortune


Whistle Emote

"For summoning dogs, companions, or any combination thereof."

Cost: 5,000 Marks of Fortune

Cry Emote

"Water the earth with your tears."

Cost: 5,000 Marks of Fortune

Dye Packs

Five dye packs will also be available. Each of the dye packs cost 3,000 Marks of Fortune, and includes 5 consumable dyes that can be applied to your armor sets.

  • Sharp Silver

  • Silt

  • Key Lime

  • Hidden Stream

  • Deep Velvet

November 23 Content

The following items will become available on November 23. Like the content releasing on November 18, they’re here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Crown Headwear Skins

Crown of Ascendance - Headwear Skin

"Aeternum holds a crown to the head of each traveler, they need only rise to meet it."

Cost: 7,000 Marks of Fortune

Tiara of Ascendance - Headwear Skin

"Not even the rugged wilderness of Aeternum can keep a royal from looking their best."

Cost: 7,000 Marks of Fortune

Tool Skin Bundle

Royal Opulence

"These tools shine so that all may know who wields the power of gold on Aeternum." Tool Skin Bundle

Bundle includes:

  • Margrave's Mystery (Azoth Staff Skin) "The adventurer walks up to the corrupted portal and bangs their scepter on the ground, demanding its vanquishing."

  • Goldenline (Fishing Pole skin) "From under the water this pole looks as bright and as harmless as the sun above. Fish will soon learn otherwise."

  • Tree's Majesty (Logging Axe Skin) "In a flourish of blinding light the forest falls before you."

  • Imperial Striker (Pickaxe Skin) "Commands rock and ore to crumble alike."

  • The Tawny Eminence (Sickle Skin) "The shimmer of this tool when used in the wild attracts the eyes of many a jealous adventurer."

  • Noble's Edge (Skinning Knife Skin) "Doubles as a letter opener for your all your regal missives."

Cost: 20,000 Marks of Fortune

Housing Items

Ashen Tiger - House Pet

"Neither light nor color can escape the deep darkness of its fur. But do you know what can? Love! And this big kitty needs lots of it."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune


Chest Pound

"A display of dominance."

Cost: 5000 Marks of Fortune

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals

Available November 26 - 29

The following deals will be available for a limited time as a Black Friday through Cyber Monday special.

Armor Skin Deal

A complete set of skins that can be applied to headwear, chestwear, gloves, legwear, and footwear.

Warrior Macabre - Apparel Skin

"The resplendent uniform of Death itself, said to stalk every battlefield in Aeternum cursing the island's resurrections."

Deal Cost: 10,000 (normally 15,000) Marks of Fortune

Limited Time Weapon Skin

Available for a limited time: The first skin for the new Void Gauntlet weapon type.

Murky Depths - Void Gauntlet Weapon Skin

"The murky depths shelter remnants of the primordial darkness."

Cost: 10,000 Marks of Fortune

Housing Decor Deal


"A canine so faithful they don't require a physical form to be there for you. Plus, no allergies or shedding!" House Pet

Deal Cost: 10,000 (normally 15,000) Marks of Fortune

Tool Skin Bundle Deal

Monstrous Instruments

"A collection of frightful, cursed tools that bore into the user's very psyche for their power."


  • The Eye (Azoth Staff Skin) "Can spot a breach at 10 paces. Maybe he needs glasses…"

  • Serpent's Stare (Fishing Pole skin) "Lure legendary fish into submission by wielding a pole that resembles their underwater allies."

  • Kraken's Axe "You can swear with this axe the creak of the tree falling almost sounds like a wave cresting."

  • Gargoyle's Pickaxe "Protect your pick from evil spirits today!"

  • The Woeful Talon (Sickle Skin) "Some giant bird washed up on shore, not sure what it is, but its talons were damn sharp."

  • Demonic Skinning Knife "Why does it look...hungry?"

Deal Cost: 10,000 (normally 20,000) Marks of Fortune

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.