Silver Crows Character Spotlights

March 28, 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

Join Grace O’Malley and assemble an elite team of mercenaries called the Silver Crows to help their first client, Skye the Spear-daughter, confront a powerful Warlock in Season 1 - Fellowship & Fire. Learn more about each member and then continue their story in-game.

Grace O’Malley


“Best way to navigate a storm, is to sail straight through it.”

  • Where to find Grace: Outside the command tent of the Crow’s Nest, or in the tavern

  • Cultural background: Irish

  • Occupation: Co-captain of the Silver Crows

  • Likes: treasure, ships, close mates

  • Dislikes: baby lynxes, lazy bastards, and the smell of rosewater

  • Little-known fact: She grew up as nobility and speaks Latin

About Grace

Grace was born into wealth, in the influential O’Malley seafaring clan that controlled Clew Bay and a large barony in western Ireland. Headstrong even as a youth, when her father told her she couldn’t come along on an expedition, as her long hair might get caught in the ship’s rigging, she promptly cut it off. As heir apparent to her father in the lineage of the Kings of Umaill, Grace was driven and ambitious. She quickly built a reputation as a fierce but fair captain, and joined her family in taking a “fair share” of profits from fat merchant ships unwise enough to traverse their coastline. But her unflagging ambition was also to be her undoing.

Where other captains might have turned aside, Grace pursued a laden galley into the thick of a massive, foreboding storm. Lightning sundered the fleeing galley. Raging winds took hold of her ship and dragged her deep into uncharted waters. It was only thanks to Grace’s strong command, quick thinking, and skillful navigation that her battered ship carried her to Aeternum, whereupon it splintered on the rocks.

Despite her dreams of getting a ship and escaping the island, she found friends with whom she formed the Silver Crows. She’s come around to thinking that Aeternum might not be so terrible, as long as she’s with good mates and has ample opportunity for profit!

Zander “The Undying” Gataki

  • “You must try my lemon cakes!”

  • “Everyone knows me as ‘Zander the Baker,’ yes?”

  • “If the gods wanted us to suffer, they would not have given us teeth.“

  • “I feel the sudden urge to hug you with all my might.”

  • Where to find Zander: At the Crow’s Nest, or in any kitchen he can find

  • Cultural background: Greek

  • Occupation: Silver Crow

  • Likes: great friends, good food

  • Dislikes: tiny spaces, heights, squirrels

  • Little-known fact: Zander is extremely ticklish, though he’ll strangle anyone that tries

About Zander

Zander grew up as an orphan on the streets of Corfu, barely surviving on a diet of rats and spoiled refuse from Venetian armies that occupied the island. His situation improved when he risked his life to save a man named Lykos, from a gang of would-be thieves. Lykos gained Zander’s trust, showing him the kindness that Zander had been craving, sending him on tasks where he was rewarded with an occasional bread roll.

Lykos betrayed Zander and sold him into labor, building a fort to defend against the Turkish invaders. But the harsh conditions helped to strengthen his body at an astonishing rate, and he was soon pressed into the ranks of the posted army, where he learned the trade of warfare. In a failed siege of the island, the Ottomans took Zander captive. But the retreating ship was swept off course by a storm, then becalmed and adrift for weeks, only to encounter a sea monster off the coast of Aeternum that dragged the ship and its crew to the sea bottom.

Zander washed up in Fury Bay, barely alive. An old lady named Granny Pike found Zander and took him in. When he recovered, Granny put him to work as an Enforcer in her less than upright organization. A tough warrior, he became known as Zander “The Undying,” as he’s never been killed on Aeternum. He thinks that people know him as Zander “The Baker,” as he loves to bake in his spare time. His specialty is lemon cakes! Though Zander is both grateful to and afraid of Granny Pike, he’s looking for a greater purpose to his life. For now, he’s found it with the Silver Crows.


  • “Meow.”

  • Where to find Dog: Somewhere Grace doesn’t want him to be

  • Cultural background: Lynx

  • Occupation: Kitten

  • Likes: Grace, Zander, belly rubs until he doesn’t, squirrels (eating them), being in front

  • Dislikes: big smelly settlements, tail-grabbers, experiment tables, not being in front

  • Little-known fact: He may have latent special abilities

About Dog

Dog, who is actually a baby lynx, was named by Grace upon joining the Silver Crows. Grace called him a mangy, flea-ridden dog, and the name stuck. Dog was poisoned by toxins and tried to recover by drinking water, but vomited and fainted. Zander found him laying on a stream bank in Edengrove, the poor kitten’s skin covered with green oozing sores. Zander nursed him back to health with the help of the Soulwarden, and Zander’s druid friend Eynon Voyle, using a treatment that purged the toxins in the kitten’s blood.

Perhaps as a result of the strange toxins, Dog has flashes of intelligence that go beyond that of a normal lynx kitten. Like all lynxes, Dog is fiercely loyal and will fight to the death to protect his friends. But most days, all he really wants is to curl up in a warm home, and he’s found that in the Crow’s Nest — mostly on top of Grace’s bedroll.


  • “The fight isn’t all that there is. There’s before the fight and after the fight.”

  • “Strength, love, laughter, they’re all the riches any warrior needs.”

  • “So we might survive, the gods gave us the spear. So we’d enjoy it, they gave us friends.”

  • Where to find Skye: The mountains of Great Cleave

  • Cultural background: Celtic

  • Occupation: Speardaughter

  • Likes: a good fight, friends, a bracing swim in a frozen lake

  • Dislikes: lies, vegetables

  • Little-known fact: She likes to sing, though it embarrasses her greatly to do so

About Skye

Skye was born hundreds of years ago, in a village located in the Cairngorms, in the Scottish Highlands. She first set her feet on the path of the warrior, when she was ten years old. She and a small group of fellow villagers were attacked by a pack of giant white wolves in the forest. Everyone was slaughtered, except for Skye, who ran for all she was worth, clinging to the spear she’d picked up from one of the fallen adults.

Somehow, body and spear moved on their own, and before she knew it, wolf carcasses stained the snow a bright cherry red around her. Skye’s battle skills grew faster than her older brothers, and soon she outstripped even her father’s abilities as a warrior. She arrived on Aeternum, sailing with others who sought the ancient hall of the Gods. Others despaired to find the gates closed, but Skye found camaraderie in a tribe of fierce Speardaughters.

Together, they hunted evil across Aeternum for centuries, until a Varangian warlock they called the Faceless one, cursed her and her lover Aidyn, and stole their warrior’s fire. She’s hired the Silver Crows to help her and her partner reclaim their strength, and take vengeance against the Faceless one.

Complete the seasonal story to find out what happens next. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.