New World Update 1.9.2

25 April 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

New World Update 1.9.2 downtime will begin at 11:00PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on April 25. With the Corrupted Rabbits vanquished, the Springtide Bloom event will now blossom throughout Aeternum.

Springtide Bloom

The Time of Awakening has arrived. Springtide Bloom calls its children to share an ancient secret capable of granting true freedom. Help the enigmatic Bloom Herald unravel the mysteries of the ethereal Wispybloom on April 26 through May 23 and collect Springtide's fertile bounty of event-specific rewards. Harvest with caution, as swarms of vile Wispy Wasps guard the blooms with fury!

Truth Seekers must be level 25 or higher to embark upon the quest for enlightenment. Check out the full reward and lore breakdown for more details.

  • “When conceiving the Springtide Bloom event, there was an opportunity to introduce some new mysteries to Aeternum,” said Narrative Designer Aaron de Orive. “The idea was to invoke a Folk Horror vibe by introducing the Children of Bloom. These individuals, dressed in creepy beekeeper robes, would tend the Wispyblooms that appear during this time of year. The blooms themselves would be harvested for their pollen, which the Children claim would allow individuals to achieve harmony and break free of the island.”

  • “Now whether those were just the deranged beliefs of a strange cult or something that held some aspect of truth remains to be seen. However, voices and strange laughter can be heard when picking the blooms. And the leader of the Children, the Herald of Bloom, claims that ‘The Folk’ are watching and waiting to enter Aeternum. Exactly who or what these entities are must remain a mystery for a while longer.“

World Experience

  • Adjusted tracker text to fix typos and display all objectives at once for new weapon quests that target single locations. Players can now do the objectives in any order.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player character’s hair to appear brighter than intended in shaded areas.

  • Fixed an issue that blocked players from entering the cave for the quest Dearly Beloved.


  • Fixed a character collider issue that prevented some wolf, boar, and lion attacks from hitting the player.

  • Fixed an issue that caused boars to break away during certain attacks. They have now remembered how to fight back with their full arsenal!


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Firestorm Heartrune materia recipe to not correctly display its category name in the Stonecutting station.

  • Updated the description for the perk "Nimble" to be more clear about it increasing the regen rate. Nimble will not increase flat stamina gained from things like the Spear's "Invigorating Crits" passive.

  • Reduced the red color intensity of enemy spells and abilities.

  • Armor:

    • Slightly increased armor mitigation for both medium and heavy armor.

      • Increased Medium armor ratings by 2.5%

      • Increased Heavy armor ratings by 5%.

  • Fortify / Armor Bonus Adjustments:

    • Shirking Fortify Perk - Increased max from 3.9% to 4.7%.

    • Sturdy Fortification Perk - Increased max value from 4% to 5%

    • Great Axe Fortifying Whirlwind Perk - Increased value on armor from 6.6% to 8.8%, and value on weapons from 10% to 14%.

  • Great Axe

    • Crowded Protection Passive

      • Increased from 10% to 20%.

  • War Hammer

    • Outnumbered Passive

      • Increased from 10% to 20%.

    • Power Cleaner Upgrade

      • Increased from 10% to 20%.

  • Sword & Shield

    • Defensive Training Passive

      • Increased from 10% to 20%.

  • Fire Staff

    • Watch It Burn

      • Temporarily disabled the Watch It Burn passive from being able to trigger off of a critical from the first hit of Meteor Shower. It will be re-enabled when a larger fix is available.

    • Flare

      • Reduced damage from AOE from 140% to 110%.

      • Removed the projectile slow down.

    • Pillar of Fire

      • Reduced cooldown reduction value on armor from 17% to 11%, and the value on Weapons from 30% to 20%.

  • Musket

    • Steady Aim

      • Decreased how long it takes to charge steady aim from 2s to 1.5s, and from 1s to 0.75s while in Shooter's Stance.

    • Increased response speed of accuracy markers on reticle when accuracy changes.

  • Ice Gauntlet

    • Entomb

      • Reduced Entomb's health from 75% of player's max health to 50% of player max health.

  • Void Gauntlet

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Void Blade to have tracking issues with targets.

  • Bow

    • Added damage fall off all bow attacks - Damage fall off will start at 40m and reach 50% reduction at 100m.

    • Decreased the hitbox size of the heavy attack and ability projectiles from 0.33 to 0.275.

Economy, Progression, & Gear

  • Added 8 new Season Activities to replace some imbalanced ones:

    • Craft 5 items using Timeless Shards

    • Cook 10 recipes requiring Poultry Thigh

    • Cook 10 recipes requiring Sumptuous Rabbit

    • Cook 10 recipes requiring Prime Armadillo

    • Salvage 3 Tier 5 Named items

    • Use 10 Tier 5 Weapon coatings

    • Use 10 Tier 5 Crafting consumables

    • Use 10 Tier 5 resistance consumables

  • The level 100 Premium Reward now correctly lists that it grants the "Silver Wing" apparel skin set.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from claiming account-wide rewards (such as Marks of Fortunes or Booster tokens).

  • The Inferno Champion's Chest previously granted more Tattered Varangian Standards than intended. It will now give 1 instead of 4.

  • Added the ability to directly purchase Season Pass levels without purchasing the Premium Reward Track.

  • When activating Boosters under high traffic loads, closing and re-opening the Booster Menu will now inform the player that Booster use is pending transaction completion.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Heartrune charge to reset when swapping Gear Sets even if the new Gear Set had the same Heartrune.

  • Corrected the level requirement to level 40 for the quest reward armors Battle's Embrace, Shrouded Intent, and Protective Wyrd. This correction will apply to all existing pieces of armor.

  • Removed procedural gathering sets from the Named Item loot table.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented PvP Reward Track Rank 200 players from completing the "Reaping the Rewards" Season Journey task.


  • Fixed a visual issue with the collar of the Tattered Snatcher apparel skin.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Infernal Hearth helmet.

  • Fixed an issue where sorting worlds alphabetically on the World Select screen would sometimes not alphabetize as expected.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the internal name of a world to display in the World List instead of the public name.


  • Adjusted audio for Grace O'Malley's VO when she visits the Mourningdale tavern so that she no longer has an inappropriate reverb.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.