Season 2 - Blood of the Sands Announcement

May 23, 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

Get ready for new PvP activities, narratives, and a massive sandwurm when Season 2 - Blood of the Sands releases on July 6. Want an early taste of what to expect? Join the next PTR on May 25. Blood of the Sands will feature Transmog, Elite Trials, and a new 3v3 Arenas map, plus Cross World Outpost Rush, the First Light Retraction, and new rewards.

Join the Development Team for an in-depth breakdown of Season 2:

Major Updates

New Season Story

One of the most enduring mysteries of Brimstone Sands is the massive creature known as the Devourer. An ancient group calling themselves the Blood of the Sands, and their leader Malek, have emerged from the shadows to seek help in finding the eggs of these beasts. Join the Silver Crows and Rima the bard to uncover the secrets of the order and their history with the creature they call Shah Neshen.

New Season Pass

Blood of the Sands introduces a new Season Journey, new Activity Card, new Challenges, and new rewards including cosmetics and consumables like Transmog Tokens.


Further customize your character when Transmog comes to New World during a mid-season 2 update. Use consumable Transmog tokens to capture the appearance of any gear collected in the world and then transform it into a usable skin for your cosmetic collection.

Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen, the Devourer

Enter the Arena of Shah Neshen, the Devourer, and defeat the massive sandwurm for elite rewards in a challenging new PvE game mode for 20 max-level players.

Seasonal Trial: The Hatchery

Fight through waves of enemies to progress the Season Pass and earn unique rewards in a new weekly activity for 10+ max-level players. Players can earn the maximum amount of rewards 7 times a week and will then receive smaller rewards for subsequent runs.

Raid Groups

Create a raid group of up to 20 players to communicate, coordinate, and share spoils across large-scale, open-world activities.

Cross World Outpost Rush

Outpost Rush will soon be playable across any world within the same region. Gain control of fortifications and resources in this 20v20 game mode for max-level players.

Outpost Rush Adjustments

Alongside cross world functionality, Outpost Rush will also receive adjustments to make gameplay even more engaging. Updates include reduced wait times, an increased focus on objectives, and increased damage from siege weapons. Look forward to the full list of changes during our next PTR.

First Light Retraction

First Light has fallen to the might of Artemis and her Angry Earth horde! The Settlement, Fort, and Trading Post in First Light are now closed. A wall of thorns has erupted along the border, barring all access into the territory until further notice.

  • All Housing related items will return to Storage and can be found under the “Old First Light” tab in any Storage shed.

  • All Trading Post orders in First Light will eventually expire, but no new orders can be made in the territory.

  • Companies controlling First Light at the time of Retraction will be refunded for their losses.

  • First Light’s Faction Control Point (FCP) buff has been moved to Weaver’s Fen, and Weaver’s FCP buff has been discontinued for now.

We have big plans for the territory. This is only the first step. Stay tuned for more news about the future of “Old First Light.”

New 3v3 Arenas Map

Battle other players in an all-new Gladiator style 3v3 Arenas map.

New Heartrune Ability: The Devourer

Summon a sandwurm to burst from the ground and damage anything within its path.

Seasonal Events

Summer Medleyfaire

Commemorate the warm summer months with music and the Aeternum Sturgeon—a rare and highly sought after fish prized by both anglers and cooks alike!

Players can purchase the new music track 'YAAHH' from the Medley Faire Maestro. Performing this song 3 times a day at any Medley Faire village will grant you Premium Medley Faire tokens. Complete a 4 star playthrough on expert mode to receive the "Guitar Hero" title!

Siege of Sulfur

10+ max-level players can team up in a new group activity to defend sandwurm eggs from waves of Sulfur Elementals. Defend the eggs to earn rewards that will help you take on Shah Neshen, and for a chance at the Mini-Devourer hat skin and housing item.


The Public Test Realm (PTR) is a limited-availability server-set that grants an early look at upcoming features. These preview builds are snapshots of upcoming major releases and are not final versions — you may encounter bugs, crashes, missing text, or other issues. Between our internal testing efforts and your reports, we hope to catch and resolve all serious issues before they reach the live servers. Hundreds of changes have already been made — with more to come — and the full release notes will be shared on release day. However, not every bug or feedback piece will be actioned on before release — some changes need time to be investigated further, and may arrive in a subsequent patch or two.

To help with the feedback process, all newly created PTR characters will have the opportunity to instantly level to select level-ranges outfitted with appropriate gear and items.

The PTR is available now! If you encounter a bug, exploit, or have suggestions to improve a feature or piece of content, we’d love to hear your feedback on our Discord (you can also utilize our in-game feedback tool). We will do our best to address as much of your feedback as possible before the content update makes its way to our live servers. Your participation will help us to deliver awesome content and updates in the future!

During this iteration of the PTR, we look forward to hearing your playtest feedback on the following changes:

  • Summer Medleyfaire Event

  • New 3v3 Arenas map

  • First Light Retraction

  • Season 2 Narrative

  • Seasonal Trial: The Hatchery

  • Season 2 Rewards Track

  • Outpost Rush Adjustments

  • Siege of Sulfur

  • Raid Groups

  • Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen

These features will be tested in rolling waves. Stay tuned to Steam and Discord for the full schedule.


This special preview client will be made available for download through the stand-alone Steam application, “New World Public Test Realm” (which should already be in your Steam library if you own the main game). When the test period is complete and the main New World game is updated with the previewed content, the PTR world will shut down and may be wiped clean. You will continue to see the New World PTR application in your Steam library, but there will not be an active server until the next time we announce a public test.


Upon character creation on the PTR, players will be given multiple caches of special armor and weapons. Each cache has a designation based upon a general build and a main attribute: CON, DEX, INT, FOC, and STR.

To help manage the sudden onset of new items, do not open all provided caches at once, or you’ll risk becoming encumbered! Instead, equip all provided bags and then follow-up with opening each cache deliberately. Any undesired caches can be dropped or deposited into your personal settlement storage.



Everyone with a copy of New World will be automatically granted access to the secondary PTR app. The PTR is not compatible with the live game, so you will need to download a separate client (and have the hard drive space required to support it). From there, we will have special worlds available within supported regions. Not all regions will initially be supported. Access is on a first come, first served basis. There may be queues.


Unfortunately, no. These are separate ecosystems, so at this time it is not possible. However, to make testing easier, we will occasionally provide our play-testers with special accommodations such as instant levels, special gear, etc.


Preview game builds on the PTR are finished with their core development and are in their final phase of testing and bug fixing. Our main focus at this phase is improving quality, although we will appreciate any feedback you have to share.


Our policies and Code of Conduct cover the PTR, and in-game moderation will continue to be supported. Unfortunately, due to the temporary and potentially unstable nature of the PTR, general Customer Service assistance through both Live Chat and through the Support Website will not be available.


Don’t worry, no offense taken. Players can manage visibility of the New World Public Test Realm Steam Library entry. Opening up the game options (right-click > Manage) offers the “Hide Game” function.

Thanks for your support and participation! We'll see you in Aeternum.